EuRoC 2024 Competition Rocket

Being the successor of HALCYON, it is our second hybrid rocket and will compete in the H9 category (SRAD hybrid 9 km) at the European Rocketry Challenge 2024.

Last year's work will be iteratively improved and new systems are being integrated. For example, ALCEDO will use an airbrake like AVES II but with an adapted design and a new control algorithm.

Furthermore, the possibility for a 3 km launch is implemented in the design, that will enable us to be ready for every weather situation on launch day.

For this project our testing capabilities will be updated.
PENGUIN V2.0 is currently in the making. More specifically, the whole electrical control system is being updated, which enables us to control PENGUIN with our telemetry system. In addition to that, the fluid system of PENGUIN will be adapted to accommodate ALCEDO’s needs.