Our Mission

Aerospace Team Graz is an interdisciplinary student club from multiple universities in Graz.
Our main focus is to develop rockets for international competitions such as the European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC). Furthermore, we test and build various propulsion systems and small scale satellites.

We get hands-on experience by researching and developing most components of our projects in house.
ASTG is a great way to complement your studies and gives many opportunities to write a bachelor or master thesis.

Our rockets are a team effort. It is a great environment for practising soft skills and leadership competence.
By connecting like-minded people we want to extend our network to the international aerospace sector.


In October 2019 a few students came together with the goal to take part in a rocket competition. The foundation was laid and a non-profit organisation was founded.

When ASTG got the opportunity to take part in EuRoC 2021 it was decided to abandon the first prototype "DODO" and focus on a solid-propellant rocket named AVES. It was developed in just 4 months and managed to win the Technical Award at EuRoC 2021 for best documentation.
AVES II was even more successful and won the Team Award and New Space Award at EuRoC 2022.
We currently work on an the hybrid-propellant rocket HALCYON.

Since the founding the team grew to around 75 members, spanning 15 different studies.


EuRoC 2022: New Space Award, Team Award
The New Space Award honours the best jury pitch of the project and the team's presentation as a launch service provider.
For the Team Award the student team could demonstrate reliability, teamwork, organisation and communication.
Additionally, ASTG was mentioned for the Technical Award as one of the best teams in this category.

EuRoC 2021: Technical Award
With a record development time of 4 months we managed to win the Technical Award for best documentation.