EuRoC 2024 Competition Rocket

Being the successor of HALCYON, it is our second hybrid rocket and will compete in the H9 category at the European Rocketry Challenge 2024.

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REXUS Payload
Auroral Polarization Experiment

REXUS carries multiple student-build payloads up to an altitude of 80 km.
The goal of APEX is to measure the polarization of the aurora borealis, the northern lights.

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EuRoC 2023 Competition Rocket
EuRoC¬†2023 Award ūü•á

HALCYON was our first hybrid rocket project, built to compete in the H3 category at the European Rocketry Challenge 2023.
It was a great success for the team, bringing home not only the H3 Flight Award, but also theEuRoC Award for best overall performance.

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Low-cost Test Rocket

Developed as a bachelor thesis with the goal that the rocket can be adapted to test experimental systems. This helps to make more reliable and safe competiton rockets.

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Rocket Engine Testbed

Penguin is a modular and mobile testbed for our self-developed and researched propulsion systems. It was used for developing the booster for AVES, AVES II and for the development of a hybrid rocket engine. To verify our calculations, we use various sensors, such as pressure, temperature, and force.

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EuRoC 2022 Competition Rocket

AVES II was developed with learnings from its predecessor. It was launched at the European Rocketry Challenge 2022 in Portugal.
Its self-developed solid booster is capable of delivering three 1U CubeSats to a target apogee of 3km.

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EuRoC 2021 Competition Rocket

AVES was launched at the European Rocketry Challenge 2021 in Portugal.
We used a self-developed solid booster to reach an apogee of 3km.

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Project DODO is a prototype and the first rocket ASTG developed, the objective was to gain hands-on experience.
The project got cancelled, due to manufacturing delays and the time-sensitive schedule of the successor project AVES, which has to be ready for EuRoC 2021.
DODO never flew, just like the bird it got named after. Nevertheless, the experience the team gained through the development was essential for AVES.