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The module Recovery only starts when most of the modules have already met their target, but landing is at least as important as take-off. Because companies like SpaceX show that the reuse of parts and drives is essential to ensure future-oriented space travel.


The process of the Recovery Module begins with the actual goal of the mission, the achievement of the targeted altitude! The starting signal for the module is given by the ignition of the black powder, which opens gas cartridges by a self-developed mechanism and forces the released gas into the upper part of the rocket. At a certain overpressure, the tip of the rocket is separated from the rest, and a small parachute is released, which stabilizes the descent and limits the speed of fall to about 30m/s. At a certain height, a process is started which releases a larger parachute and thus causes the actual reduction of the rate of fall to about 5m/s. This process takes place as late as possible to keep the difference between start and landing point coordinates as small as possible.

This mechanism opens the gas cartridge to release the overpressure in the upper part of the rocket. As shown in the picture, the cartridge is held in position by a preloaded spring. Only when the black powder, which is placed in between the cyan and green parts at the bottom, gets ignited, the gas cartridge is pressed against the spring.