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Every technical company needs a good business team as a backup. Our business team consists of a Marketing Team and System Administrators.

Marketing @Aerospace Team Graz?

Why do we need a Marketing Team?

The Aerospace Team Graz does research on how to develop a rocket, but it is also important to bring our successes to the public. So, it is the job of the Marketing Team to promote the Aerospace Team Graz.


Social Media: Today, social media is the place where people connect and communicate about various topics. That is why it is important, to build a good social media presence, to get the attention of students and possible partners in the industry.

PR: Designing flyers and brochures, getting in contact with the press and media are also the main tasks of the Marketing Team.

Events: The marketing team organizes different events such as Rollout-Events to present our work. Moreover, we will host conferences for additional education and get in contact with partners in the industry.

System Administrator

What is the purpose of a system administrator?

Documentation, communication, administration, and much more are a must for any productive student team. In order to enable the digitalization of these essential components, someone needs to maintain these systems.


Server-Maintenance: Every service application needs a platform on which it is operated. Be it a VPS, an owned server, or a cloud variant. And these systems must be set up, maintained, and expanded to ensure a trouble-free and stable system.

Service-Administration: The everyday services in our team include applications such as Office365, Bitwarden, and Leantime. In order to enable smooth work, these services must be properly set up and maintained.

IT-Support: Using a service application is not always trivial. Even the correct use of Office365 can oppose as a major challenge for many. It is therefore very important to always have a contact person who can support you in such cases.