Our Modules

Taking a closer look at our modules, one can see that there are two main teams: the Rocket Team and the Business Team.

Rocket Team

The Rocket Team is responsible for the actual development of the rocket and is divided into the following several teams: Aerodynamics is responsible for the basic flight stability of the rocket and how the outer design, from the nose cone to the fins at the tail, is developed. After the design, the simulation follows, the construction of the prototypes as well as tests in the wind tunnel and field experiments. In avionics, everything revolves around the rocket's hardware and software. In addition to sensors and the main computer, work is being carried out on the control of the rocket, data transmission and visualization. In propulsion, the rocket engine is conceived, designed, and manufactured. The team deals with additive manufacturing processes, fluid mechanics, and materials, among many other things. Parachutes and their anchoring and ejection system are being developed in recovery so that the rocket can safely return to the ground. All manufactured components must be integrated into the outer skin and basic structure of the missile, which is done by our structure team. Furthermore, they focus on the reduction of weight and the balancing of the center of gravity of the missile. The system engineers coordinate and optimize the overall process through the project, risk, time, and resource management. Finally, our safety officers ensure the safety of the entire team when testing and handling hazardous substances.

Business Team

The Business Team is divided into marketing and system administration. The Marketing module ensures that ASTG is well represented on all social media platforms. They also deal with the organization of our conferences, focuses on team building, and launches events. Our Marketing module are responsible for all of our IT systems and thus enable the other modules to work effectively.