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Every technical company needs a good business team as a backup. Our business team consists of a Marketing Team and System Administrators.

Marketing @Aerospace Team Graz?

Why do we need a Marketing Team?

The Aerospace Team Graz does research how to develop a rocket, but it is also important to bring our successes to the public. So, it is the job of the Marketing Team to promote the Aerospace Team Graz.


Social Media: Today, social media is the place where people connect and talk about different topics. That is why it is important, to build a good social media presence, to get the attention of students and possible partners in the industry.

PR: Designing flyer and brochures and getting in contact with the press and media and are also a main tasks of the Marketing Team.

Events: The marketing team organizes different events like Rollout-Events to present our work. Moreover, we will host conferences for further education and to get in contact with partners in the industry.

System Administrator

What is the purpose of a system administrator?

Documentation, communication, administration and much more is a must for any productive student team. In order to enable the digitalization of these essential components, someone needs to maintain these systems.


Server-Maintenance: Every service application needs a platform on which it is operated. Be it a VPS, an owned server or a cloud variant. And these systems must be set up, maintained and expanded in order to ensure a trouble-free and stable system.

Service-Administration: The everyday services in our team include applications such as Office365, Bitwarden and Leantime. In order to enable smooth work, it is important that these services are properly set up and maintained.

IT-Support: Using a service application is not always trivial. Even the correct use of Office365 can oppose as a major challenge for many. It is therefore very important to always have a contact person who can support you in such cases.