Become an ASTG Volunteer!

It's that time of the year again - we are looking for new volunteer members! We can use helping hands and smart thinkers in every module. If you have time, motivation, engagement and commitment to learn new things, and want to engage in an interdisciplinary student team, apply online and let us get to know you a little bit.

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You still have questions about the recruiting process, the organization or one of the modules? Then take a look down below. 💻

Will I get paid for my involvement?

No, the Aerospace Team is a non-profit association.

How can I become part of the Aerospace Team Graz?

Follow the link to our Telegram group and get more information.

Do I need to have a technical background?

No, our business team is always happy to welcome new members who are motivated, interested in the aerospace field and want to support the association on its mission.

Can I choose in which module I want to contribute/get involved?

Yes, you can choose depending on your interests and areas of expertise. You can get an overview of our modules here.

Is there a membership fee to pay?

Yes, for the benefit of our association a membership fee of 20 Euro per semester has to be paid.

How time-consuming is the work in the association as a member?

That depends very much on what role you play in the association, but you should reserve about one day a week for ASTG activities.

Why should I be part of ASTG?

You can learn a lot from being a member of ASTG, you can practically apply your theoretical knowledge from your studies. You can also participate in the construction and launch of a rocket and build a network of students from different fields of study with an interest in the aerospace sector.

In which languages do you communicate?

Mainly we use the language German, although many documents are kept in English and on the applications the main language is English.

Which programming languages are used?

Different languages are used depending on the application:

  • Pad Connection - Python
  • Ground Station - Java & JavaScript
  • Control Engineering Simulations - Matlab Simulink
  • Telemetry - C/C++
  • Flight computer - C

Which programs are used?

  • CAD - Siemens NX
  • FEA - Siemens NX Nastran
  • CFD - Siemens Star CCM+
  • PCB design - EDA software KiCad

Are there weekly fixed points where I have to be present?

Yes, there are weekly meetings per module that you should be sure to attend. Apart from that, you can arrange the time in the week that you spend on ASTG yourself.

Is it possible to join as a freshman?

Yes, of course! We also want to give students in their first semesters a chance to get their experience at ASTG.

Do I have to decide on a module right away or can I try a few first?

Generally you should decide on a module, however you can also ask your questions directly on social media or at

Are there also private meetings of the association?

Yes, we have a weekly regulars' table in a local pub and regular team events.

Where can I go if I have more questions about the club?

On our website you can find more info about our modules. However, you can also contact us directly on social media or at