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Adventure, new technologies and private companies are driving the future of rocket building. What was previously reserved for nations continues to gain a foothold in business, like SpaceX , Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic . We are the Aerospace Team Graz , an interdisciplinary team of committed students in Graz. Our goal is to develop our own rocket to take part in an international competition. The Spaceport America Cup every year, space enthusiast students from all over the world come together in New Mexico, USA.

We are starting our first prototype this year with a purchased solid-state engine in order to test all systems and to understand the overall system. In parallel, we will develop our own hybrid rocket engine . In June 2022 we will take part in the Spaceport America Cup .

Has it always been your biggest dream to build a rocket ?

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Maximilian Rhomberg, founder of ASTG

BSc & MSc Projects

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We are happy to support students in their bachelor or master thesis, because this is the perfect way to combine university and the work at Aerospace Team Graz. Furthermore, we benefit from the great know-how of the institutes of Graz University of Technology, who support us by supervising these projects.

Spaceport America Cup

Every summer, countless student teams from all over the world gather in southern New Mexico to participate in the Spaceport America Cup. That is the place where students from all over the world have the opportunity to prove themselves in the aerospace industry. Each team builds a rocket, either with a solid, liquid or hybrid propulsion system, with the goal of flying 3km or 9km high and landing safely. We are currently researching a hybrid propulsion system with which we will also participate in the Spaceport America Cup.

Gather experience

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Our goal is to offer committed and motivated students from Graz the opportunity of professional and personal development. In more general terms, we want to promote the inventive spirit, creative problem-solving thinking and, above all, the desire for innovation of young talents. We want to offer students in technical as well as in scientific, economic or legal fields the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge and integrate practice into everyday university life.