Our team in numbers & charts

To get a deeper insight into our team we have gathered a number of information for you. In the following charts and pictures, you can get a deeper insight into the ASTG team.

If you take a closer look at the pie chart you can see how our team is set up. The majority of the team is currently studying at the Technical University of Graz. Nevertheless, there is still a number of students enrolled in other universities in Graz: the Karl-Franzens University and the FH Joanneum. Studying at any other university than the TU Graz should not prevent you from applying to become a new member of our great team!
The majority of our team are currently enrolled in technical studies. Nevertheless, there are several students registered in the humanities, sciences, and other programs. In the picture, you can see the different courses of studies of our team members. Mechanical and industrial engineering are the two courses that hold the most students of the ASTG team. Whereas the courses with the fewest members are mathematics, geodesy, English and American studies, business administration, and psychology. All in all, you could say that we are a beautiful mixed bunch! It doesn't matter what field of study you come from, even if you think yours would not fit the ASTG in any way, you are welcome to contact us!
The majority of our team are currently enrolled in a bachelor's program. No matter how far you currently stand in your studies, you need to know that we are happy to support your bachelor or master thesis. Combining university and the work at Aerospace Team Graz would result in a unique piece of academic literature.
At the moment, we have a 13% proportion of women and hopefully, our rate is going to increase in the upcoming years, as we want to provide women and men equal opportunities to gain experience alongside their studies. Together we can start to eliminate the gender gap. Therefore, a mixed-gender team is the first step in the right direction.
Most of our members work in the Avionics module, which is already split into submodules for better organization. The Propulsion Module is ranking as the second biggest group, which works together to develop a solid and hybrid-propulsion system. Declining in thr number of members, we operate in the following further modules: Structure, System Engineers, and Aerodynamics and Recovery, Marketing, System Admin, and Safety Officer.